We have a spot for:
Software Architect

Job Description


  • Collaborate with team members to determine best practices and requirements for software development
  • Oversight and approval of all final programs and products before formal launch
  • Oversee and support the coaching and training of team members to ensure all necessary employees are confident in the use of software applications
  • Actively seek ways to improve business software processes and interactions
  • Prepare easy-to-understand reports for supervisors detailing achieved milestones and short-term project goals
  • Use a proactive approach to common challenges and continuously research best practices in coding
  • Ensure software security by developing programs to actively monitor the sharing of private information
  • Troubleshoot coding problems quickly and efficiently to ensure a productive workplace


Must have:

  • 5-7 years of experience in designing and implementing software applications
  • Professional programs certification in Java/ python/ C++/ C# and others
  • Experience in working on large-scale software projects
  • Demonstrated knowledge of web applications, cybersecurity and open source technologies
  • Experience in developing software utilizing various coding languages including Java, C++, python, C# and more
  • Outstanding collaboration and communication skills
  • Experience in overseeing customized development of processes simultaneously for multiple projects
  • Professional experience in analyzing code for weaknesses and errors, and overseeing plans to improve it
  • Experience in designing secure software systems based on industry-specific specifications

Nice to have

  • Extensive practical experience in applying advanced data structures and algorithms in mission-critical production-level code and optimization tasks (e.g. Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, Fibonacci Search Technique, Timsort, LL/LR Parser)
  • Understands and is able to successfully apply software security principles. For example, understands the principles behind cryptography and basic algorithms (e.g. RSA, MD5, SHA-1/2, digital signatures and digital certificates)

Additional Information

What do we offer?

  • A fun and relaxed, yet dynamic working environment, a flexible program, a healthy life-work balance
  • A young and dynamic team with an open and extraverted communication style and outstanding performances 
  • Indoor fitness room, outdoor ping pong table, swimming pool subscription etc.
  • Non-corporate organizational environment, where ideas are valued and engagement is rewarded

This could be  a great opportunity for the right candidate. If you like warm, open and non-corporate environments and looking forward interesting projects, let's meet and talk about it.