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Become one of the team members of a fast growing team! Check one of the teams we have and see what profile fits you the most. ( Greppy, Visually)

Our history started in 2010 with a lot of hard-work and ambition, like any other successful story begins. A small group of people had a challenging idea: to implement in Romania a startup that is based on an enthusiastic, challenging and dynamic working environment.

We started to work as a small group at first from home and after a while we moved to a smaller and unfriendly office. Yet, we managed to grow our project and as more and more results were showing, by the year 2012, we had more people joining our cause, and helping us to provide the best customer services. We can proudly say that now we are a strong team working together in order to achieve high peaks. We are not afraid of setting high goals and we always push each-others in order to give the best and the results that we get show us that nothing is impossible.

Having a team of passionate workers pushes us in creating and maintaining a healthy, friendly and successful work environment. In terms of goals, we are seeking for creating a successful company that will become a leader in customer service with a high involvement and a loyal customer following. Fortunately, a part of this, we already managed to achieve, one proof being the fact that all our customers have become regular work providers and our support services are getting more and more complex.

We also keep ourselves updated to the latest information regarding the technological department and we do believe that the Internet will change the way we communicate to each-other. We are well aware about the fact that departments such as Advertising and Distribution will have a great impact upon how we as people interact and that is why we are currently interested in developing Web, Desktop and Mobile applications with the latest technologies (C#/ASP.NET MVC, MVC, WPF, PHP, Ruby, Python, Objective-C, Java, and JavaScript).

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