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Welcome to Greppy Systems

Our history started in 2010 with a lot of hard-work and ambition, like any other successful story begins.

We are now producing software solutions in collaboration with world wide companies (Israel , United States, Romania)

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Product Definition & Design

If you are an entrepreneur having an idea, our agency can help define your product and design. You can grow your business while we take care of your product definition.

Product Engineering & Development

We use proven methodologies to define all the processes behind the development of any product we produce. We don't like to compromise the quality but we also understand startup environments tradeoffs.

We can adapt to any technology or platform in the fastest way so we can cover all the development layers behind a successful product.

Mobile Services

We noticed the fast evolution of the business models over mobile so we are prepared on creating large scale centralized mobile solutions.

We take portability as a business key factor and we are always improving our knowledge base of cross-platform mobile technologies.

Gaming Services

We like to have fun while we work. Our game producers and developers can create good core mechanics games based on a strong marketing strategy.

Our game engineering team is highly skilled with a good eye for visuals.

QA & Testing

We don't want to take quality as a growth tradeoff. A good QA consulting and strategy can help you differentiate on the market.

Research & Development

For our premium partners we can dedicate a highly skilled R&D services that will accelerate the development and merge our partner vision with ours.

In R&D partnerships you have less costs and a highly managed team capable of solving any remote process definition challenge.

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Support & Maintenance

Our partners should not care about the post production period. Our support & maintenance team is a 24-hour help desk system distributed in multiple tiers offering good customer care services.

We are trained to understand your business needs so we can offer your customers the best customer services for the products we develop.


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