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Our primary mission is to assist organizations in consistently delivering software that meets deadlines, budget requirements, and quality standards with a focus on value creation through software engineering

What do we do?

Staff augumentation

To successfully complete your IT projects, it's imperative to enlist the top industry talents with the necessary skills. Our IT staffing services offer the agility, expertise, and flexibility your team requires to efficiently scale and meet development timelines. We'll provide you with qualified professionals possessing the required skills and attributes, allowing you to leverage all the benefits that come with staff augmentation.

Our extended team of exceptional software developers functions as part of your in-house team, participating in daily meetings and directly reporting to your managers, providing a significant competitive edge for your business.

Our IT staff augmentation services cater to all types of projects, regardless of their complexity, from prototyping to complete development of web, mobile, or desktop applications, as well as testing and systems management.

Leadership as a service

"Leadership as a Service" provides a cost-effective option for organizations seeking senior technology leadership without the need to recruit permanent staff. This approach allows organizations to tailor their requirements based on the necessary skills and domain expertise, level of involvement, and contract length.

For startups seeking ambitious growth, this is an excellent opportunity to benefit from senior technology leadership without incurring the upfront costs and long-term contracts associated with traditional recruitment methods. This approach also provides larger companies with an external perspective on their current systems and future development roadmap using a pay-as-you-go model for leadership services.

Software engineering outsourcing

When businesses lack a solid, in-house tech team to achieve their technology objectives and overarching business goals, outsourcing software development can be a viable alternative. This is especially true if they have a relatively lean team or lack key specializations. By working with a third-party team with special skills and expertise, businesses can access expert software engineers with a range of tech skills.

Software outsourcing services provide a cost-efficient way to develop high-quality software products. Whether it's simple mobile app development, smart customization of pre-developed platforms, or full-cycle custom solutions, outsourcing software developers can help organizations achieve their goals. Experienced development partners like Greppy offer reliable and customized software solutions to meet a wide range of business needs.

Who trusted us?

  • Sumeet

    Sumeet pro

    Sumeet is shaping the future of meetings powered by AI! Sumeet's AI analyzes conversations and creates convenient summaries based on human-level insights with minimal data loss.

  • Conatix


    Connatix is a next-generation video platform for publishers, with multiple ways to monetize and a focus on the experience, publishers can benefit from video advertising without compromise. To expand reach, Connatix has built an extensive independent syndication network for distribution. With highly immersive, first-to-market video formats, Connatix is creating a new generation of content experiences that are optimized for publisher success.


    A new class of cloud data warehouses, Firebolt delivers extreme speed and elasticity at any scale solving your impossible data challenges Firebolt has completely redesigned the cloud data warehouse to deliver a super fast, incredibly efficient analytics experience at any scale.


    The biggest online pharmacy for drugs without prescription in Belgium and Netherlands, with more than 35.000 products deliverable in 24h is a challenge that we took in 2019 and now we are building their Data Warehouse. This warehouse will allow them to make very informed business decisions according to the data they have stored and the statistics we provide.


    HypaShip is an enterprise-class Delivery Management Solution which operates in four main vertical markets; Postal Operators, Commercial Carriers, 3PLs and Large Shippers. Hypaship provides a fully integrated solution you need to give your customers a fantastic buying experience from the moment they start the checkout process right through to delivery and beyond.


    LifeOnKey is an innovative provider of a health platform and solutions for connected healthcare. It develops and markets the INTEGRA™ suite of products, a proven Telehealth Platform that enables healthcare stakeholders to digitally monitor their patients, while meaningfully integrating and leveraging their information assets, driving improvements in the quality, and efficiency of patient care.